L'approche acroamatique de la poésie de Simone Weil


  • Gizella Gutbrod


In her essay Ms Gutbrod presents the poetry of Simone Weil from the point of view of its sounding and tries to rehabilitate the role of acoustic sensitivity on different levels of the interpretation. Simone Weil is rather neglected as a poet, although both her poetic practice and theory are highly remarkable. The turning point of her artistic development is a mystical experience after which she turns definitely to poetry and abandons all themes except for the representation of the mystical quest. To highlight the poetic aspect of this change Ms Gutbrod attempts to unfold the themes of cry and silence in Simone Weil's poetry: first she examines the acoustic universe of the poems (that is, the physical level of hearing), then she describes the role of listening in the process of reception. Finally she reflects on the notion of listening ment in an ontological sense.



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