Affinità e discordanze tra S. Tommaso e Kierkegaard


  • Michele Sità Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Olasz Tanszék, Egyetem utca 1. H-2087 Piliscsaba, Hungary


The relationship between reason and faith is very delicate, and they both are elements of upmost importance for St. Thomas Aquinas but also for S. Kierkegaard. For Aquinas, man is composed of body and soul (the body is corruptible and the soul is immortal) and he affirms the individual's singularity, a conception that we can also find in Kierkegaard. We can perceive many other similarities but also a substantial difference between them; namely the fact that Kierkegaard is more tragic than St. Thomas, this is a particular difference that contains many contrasts. Maybe this interpretation seems rash but if we go into the problem in more depth we can also hear a conversation between both the philosophers. In this conversation the time barriers are knocked down and we can see the approach of two big thinkers on similar topics.



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