Poétique du voyage dans Connaissance de l'Est de Paul Claudel


  • Monica Garoiu Université du Tennessee à Chattanooga


This article aims to analyze the solidarity between elements of the natural world and human life as reflected in the prose poems of the volume Connaissance de l’Est (Knowing the East) by Paul Claudel. We will seek to prove that they are part of the poet’s spiritual journey: a parallel exploration of oneself, theology, and Asian cultures. In addition, we will examine the process of intellectualization through which nature is not a mere delight for the poet’s eyes, but also a cerebral stimulant that enables him to reach a state of intellectual bliss.



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Garoiu, M. (2020). Poétique du voyage dans Connaissance de l’Est de Paul Claudel. Verbum – Analecta Neolatina, 21(1-2), 103–111. Retrieved from https://verbum-analectaneolatina.hu/index.php/verbum/article/view/251



Voyage et spiritualité