Javier Sologuren, poeta-abeja


  • Renato Guizado-Yampi Universidad de Piura; Universidad de Salamanca


Javier Sologuren (Lima, 1921–2004) was a Peruvian poet belonging to the poetic group of 1945. His poetic work, entitled Vida continua, proposes a continuity between literary tradition and contemporary personal creation. This study investigates the meaning of the metaphor of the industrious bee that appears with some frequency in the work of Javier Sologuren, a topic that he takes from the poet Horace. The analysis of several poems that use the topic shows that through this Sologuren understands and endorses his idea about literary heritage, his expressive intentions and writing methods. The bee becomes a personal myth from which the poet can represent himself in his compositions and resolve the apparent paradox of the lyrical subject independent but nurtured by personal experience.



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