La parole solitaire « conventionnelle » de Bernard-Marie Koltès


  • Eszter Gerda Miklós Université de Debrecen


monologue, soliloquy, Bernard-Marie Koltès, solitude, theatre play


Monologues are considered to be key aspects of Koltès' plays. This paper aims to present themonologues and the triple-soliloquy in Le retour au désert (The Return to the Desert) (1988), which is a play less often analysed from this point of view. Anne Ubersfeld regards these monologues as too conventional compared to the forty-seven-page long soliloquy of La Nuit juste avant les forêts (The Night Just before the Forests) (1977) and the quasi-monologues of Quai Ouest (Quay West) (1985) and Roberto Zucco (1988).



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